• Super Bowl III
    Loyal fans of Super Bowl will find this item reasonable in being included in the list. The Super Bowl III game between Baltimore Colts and New York Jets is one of the biggest upsets in the sports history. Just when everyone knew that the crowd’s favorite, Baltimore Colts, will win the game, Joe Namath of New York Jets kept emphasizing that they would win the matchup. “We’re going to win Sunday. I guarantee it,” said by Joe. Apparently, the Jets win the game in a shocking 16-7 scoring that furthered the AFL-NFL merger of 1970.
  • Phantom Punch
    One of the most debated sport events till today is the Phantom Punch. This boxing game between Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston has branched out different stories and accusations. A ringside photographer, Neil Leifer, captured the most popular photograph in the sports history where Ali standing in front of Liston shouts, “Get up and fight, sucker!” Liston being down in the first round spread rumors that the Islam community threatened him and he owed money from the mafia.
  • 1985 NBA Draft Lottery
    Otherwise known as the fixed NBA Draft lottery, the 1985 NBA Draft lottery was the first-ever NBA Draft lottery. Ironically, people believe that the lottery is corrupted. Many have witnessed and were very keen in the movements and gestures of people concerned. The video that is still viewable online give hints of this conspiracy: (1) upon putting the envelopes in the drum, the fourth envelope is clearly thrown out of the clear sphere; (2) the Commissioner, David Stern, inhales deeply before getting the New York Knicks. Stern, who proclaims himself a fan of the Knicks, triggered the Erwing scandal, where the Knicks got a great 7-footer player on their team. To clear up the mess, the envelopes were replaced by ping-pong balls.
  • Game 6 of 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals
    As the latest event with conspiracy theory in this list, fans of Kings and Lakers surely still have their guards up regarding this issue. This conspiracy theory alleviated from Tim Donaghy’s resignation as NBA referee in the year of 2007. The resignation has caused by the fixed games that NBA allows. This was taken legally to the U.S. District Court emphasizing a Game 6 battle in May of 2002. Donaghy specifically testified that unreasonable personal fouls were given to Kings to pave way for Lakers win.