Sponsors can be a fantastic way of funding your event, but you’ll need to be able to provide them with a clear and concise statement that details all of the cost involved and the potential benefits to be enjoyed. Create a budget and start looking for prominent guests or personalities you can invite along to give your event a higher profile. Start advertising as soon as you have all of the major details worked out and ensure you’ll have the facilities available to deal with your desired size of crowd.

Ticket holders will need access to necessities such as bathrooms, food and drink and potentially car parking spaces, so be sure to factor these into your budget. For large events, you will also need to think about crowd-control plans and the need to hire in traffic and security personal to keep all of your attendees safe and secure. All events will need to have an evacuation plan in case of emergency and you should also create a contingency plan to cover problems such as bad weather. You never know what kind of complications could arise at the last minute, so it’s essential that you organise a way to postpone or move an event should the circumstances arise.

Choosing your venue can be tricky, but you want to get this ticked off your list as soon as possible. Consider both indoor and outdoor locations, depending on your sport, and make sure you have a good projection of how popular you event might be before you settle on a space. Think hard about location, amenities and ease of access, but don’t forget that some things, such as temporary toilets or seating, can be hired separately.

Depending on the scale of the event, you may also need to consider having physicians on hand. This is useful in providing back up should one of your sports players injure themselves during the game but can also be very sensible if you are gathering a significant number of people. It’s also a good idea to check local laws and legislations, as you may actually be required to provide medical aid that is related to the number of people you plan to gather in a public place.

A good sized sporting event is also likely to need its own temporary power supply. If you’re bringing in contractors to supply food and drink, they may bring their own portable generators with them, but if you want to offer power for temporary bathrooms, changing rooms or air conditioning for some indoor spaces, you may want to invest in a generator hire that will cover all of your energy needs. These are ideal for providing power no matter how large your event and will ensure smoothing running throughout. By preparing well in advance, you can ensure your sporting even is sensational.