• Bert Trautmann
    Bert Trautmann is a German goalkeeper who used to be hated by the fans because of his involvement in the Second World War. This all changed when he settled down in England and began to play soccer. He was named FWA footballer of the year in 1956.
  • Pat Jennings
    Pat Jennings hailing from Northern Ireland is one of the most known goalkeepers of all time because of his many achievements. A two time FA cup winner, league cup winner, and winner of the UEFA cup in 1972, being named the FWA footballer of the year in 1973 as well as being the PFA players’ player of the year in 1976.
  • Gordon Banks
    Gordon Banks will always be remembered for the save against Pele in the 1970 world cup. Although he didn’t win a lot of awards, he will always be known as the only English goalkeeper to win a world cup.
  • Peter Schmeichel
    A Danish fellow, Peter Schmeichel is number two on the list because he led Denmark to winning the European Championships in 1992. After winning five premier league titles, a league cup, three FA cups, and many more, it was no wonder that he was named as the world’s best goalkeeper by IFFHS.
  • Lev Yashin
    Yashin will always be known as the goalkeeper with amazing skill and out of this world reflexes. His nickname is the black spider because it seems like he has eight arms that can block anything. For someone who played a total of 812 games, he saved about 150 penalty kicks earning him the title being the greatest goalkeeper of the twentieth century in 2000.