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Indoor Sports

  • Table Tennis
    This is a very simple game that is usually played indoors. It’s played with a table, bats and a tiny ball. In most cases, it’s a game between two persons. One person stays at each side of the table. It doesn’t require any umpire or referee.
  • Boxing
    Boxing is an interesting game that is played by two persons. Normally, the boxers are expected to kit according to rules. The game is played in a ring with protective features. A referee is always available to regulate the sport.
  • Weight Lifting
    This is a unique type of indoor sport that involves the lifting of heavy equipment. Several individuals can participate in the game but each of them has to carry the weight one after the other. An umpire is always available to judge the game.
  • Basketball
    This game is usually played by two teams on each side of the pitch.
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How To Shoot A Basketball

You will find out the proper form and release of shooting a basketball and how to shoot a basketball with consistency. Here are the some steps on shooting a basketball.

  1. Start close to the basket as we are going to get you familiar with the form. Remember the concept Beef as this represents Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow Through if you are able to remember this concept it will make shooting easier.
  2. Place your non handiness hand on the side of the ball as this will be your guide hand, next place your handiness hand behind the ball making sure that the ball is on your fingertips. Then make sure that your are aligned or square to the basket.
  3. Make sure your elbow isn’t sticking out. You want to keep your elbow in but not where it feels uncomfortable. Put your elbow in a spot where it feels comfortable and that
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