Whether it’s for the whole team or one person, these socks certainly make a bold statement. No matter what interest a person has or what name a team has, there are socks that fit their feet. Socks can be patterned in diamonds, checkerboards, plaid, camouflage and countless others. If there is a cause an individual or team wishes to promote, these socks can let people know how you feel. Examples of causes these socks help to promote are:

  • Autism
  • Breast Cancer
  • Peace

Hosiery can be patriotic representing themes such as the USA, or for those still a little bit more hippie there are tie-dyed options in over a dozen colors. Teams that are hot stuff can wear socks with flames or lightning bolts, while teams of Pirates can hit the field sporting socks with skulls and crossbones. Players with a softer side to them can wear socks with hearts or … Read the rest