• Zombie Boot Camp
    Whether you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, a George Romero fan boy or simply an adrenaline junkie, then Zombie boot camp may be the ideal place for you to take your stag party. Take part in the fight against zombie hordes in your city of choice; definitely not for the faint of heart.
  • Extreme Sports
    Sports are a popular activity of choice amongst the lads, and there are tonnes of stag weekend packages available that cater to this popularity. There are all kinds of sports you can take part in, from quad biking stag activities to clay pigeon shooting and rage buggy rides.
  • Hovercraft Racing
    The future is very much here in the present and it couldn’t be more awesome! Hovercraft rides gives you and your friends the chance to race each other around a track, but with an added bonus; you’ll be hovering 10cm in the air whilst you’re doing it. A great choice for the really adventurous amongst you.
  • Jousting
    Embrace your inner knight and transport your group back in time for a medieval experience you won’t forget. Don a suit of armour and practice broad sword fighting with trained professionals, give falconry a try and top it all off with some hearty ale and hog roast!
  • Chess Boxing
    A heady mix of brains and brawn make for one of the quirkiest stag party activities around. The aim of the game is to get you loose and limber both physically and mentally. There’s more than one way to win the game as well, by knockout or checkmate! So it doesn’t matter where you’re skills lie, you’ll still have the chance to win.

From zombie hunting to literally grappling over a game of chess, there’s a huge variety of great stag party activities for you to choose from. Picking one or two might be much harder than you originally thought!