Month: December 2019

Buy a Ping Pong Table

Structure and Material

First of all, you should know that ping pong tables are not difficult to assemble, store or move. Most of these tables come with wheels that can be folded. Of course, they come in different sizes. So, you should shop around to get the right one. Moreover, most of tennis tables are made of aluminum composite. The tops of these tables are water-proof and laminated. So, they are a great choice if you love playing outside instead of inside.

Outdoor or Indoor

You can choose between an indoor or outdoor table. You have to assemble both of them yourself. They weigh between 100 pounds and 350 pounds. Make sure you go with a reputable brand.


Tables designed for beginners are an ideal choice for recreational purposes. You can put them in your garage or basement. Basically, they are designed for fun, not for a serious play. … Read the rest

Life of Goalkeeper Gloves

With goalkeeping gloves costing as much as boots now a lot of people ask me how do I look after them so they last longer.
All gloves wear and tear but keeping gloves clean and damp will add more life in the gloves.

A lot of keepers will play and just chuck their gloves into their kits bag come rain or shine; this will not help the life of the glove.

This is how to clean your gloves, soak them in warm water with a pea-size drop of washing up liquid (this will bring dirt and mud to the surface) after a good soak say 1-hour min, massage or rub the palms and backhands to get rid of the dirt. Once the gloves are looking clean rinse them under more warm water or in a new bucket of warm water, ring them out so they are as dry as possible. … Read the rest

Skills and Rules in Soccer

The first thing that players should consider, regardless of whether they are playing a friendly or professional match, is the formations. The formations usually depend on the skill and nature of the opponents. If the opponents are extremely defensive, the formations will be offensive. However, if they are offensive and they prefer to attack and try and score, the formations will have to be defensive.

All players who would like to become professionals must master the skill of dribbling. Dribbling is what will help the player to propel the ball forward and even to confuse the opponents so that they can be able to pass the ball to their team mate. Dribbling in soccer requires a lot of ball control and the player who is able to master it will be very difficult to stop on the field.

Heading is a skill that makes it possible for the soccer player

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Soccer Cleats For Kids

When looking for the cleats keep these things in mind. Make sure that the cleats you are choosing are a good fit, not even a little bit loose or tight. If it is loose it can impact the performance and if it is tight then it can give cramps to the kid’s feet. Also, make sure that they are durable as well. Kids apart from playing also do a lot of running. The upper portion should be tight to give a proper fit, but not too tight to squeeze your toes. The cleats should be strong to endure all that. Also, small kids look after legend players as their role model and try to adapt their style, also demanding the same kind of cleats worn by these players. Kids just go crazy for them.

Do not confuse soccer cleats for other sports cleats. Every sport has its own type of … Read the rest

Sailing Beginner

The square sail is the type of sail that was used in the vessels of yesterday. They were made of canvas and used for traveling with the wind. However, the lugsail is a new and improved version of the square as the halyard is attached closer on one end than the other and when hoisted most of the sail will lie either fore or aft of the mast. This allows the mast to be shorter than the sail by extension due to being rigged offset in relation to the mast which makes up the difference in height.

The mizzen is a smaller than the main and is raised on its own mast located behind the main mast and can be quite useful for several different applications. Using it is a great way to navigate in busy harbors or in tight areas around other vessels before deploying the main and/or jib. … Read the rest

About Sports Training And Visualization

Sports visualization training is an integral part of an athlete’s training as it helps acquire the necessary skills and refine mastery in a short time period, contributing to a high level sports performance. Generally, it’s the process of producing mental images or vision of what you want to happen and achieve for a certain event or in the future.

Visualization is included in the training of most professional athletes to greatly prepare for competition. The Shortcut method is one example of visualization training tool that have helped athletes develop a winning mind and cultivate a very competitive edge. This kind of training is one effective contributor to winning in sports; it creates greater self confidence and enhances mental focus.

Meditation, guided imagery and mental training are a few of the terms used to refer to visualization. Regardless of the term, all of it uses the same fundamental techniques as well … Read the rest

Dumbing Down of Sport

There is no doubt that advances in sporting technology have appeared to lead to superior performances. However, if these improvements are not advances in the skills of teams or individuals, have we really gained anything?

There is no comparison between modern cricket bats and those of even a couple of decades ago. Greatly increased power and an enlarged ‘sweet’ spot in the bat mean that almost any modern player can comfortably hit sixes at an average cricket ground, sometimes off a top edge or the bottom of the bat. A game which has always slightly favoured the batsman is now in danger of becoming completely unbalanced, something which is already the case in the shorter versions.

Advances in the manufacture of golf clubs and balls mean that golfers are hitting balls ever increasing distances and making a mockery of many holes at golf courses, which were previously a genuine test … Read the rest

Youth Athletes

Obviously, parents of youth athletes should help their child build confidence, develop physical skills, and mold game experiences and challenges with life lessons. The key to this is to be aware of your child’s level of enjoyment and to make sure their child is enjoying the experience through challenges that arise.

Parents who can help their youth athletes develop physical and mental skills during practice and competitive games are of great value to their child, the team and the coach. Competitive sports undoubtedly brings some great experiences and memories to youth athletes and supportive parents. The parent, who is a friendly supporter, provides the most benefit to the team.

Parents who choose to help coach or train their child and other team players are taking on more responsibility. With that responsibility comes risk. Parents, who have the capability of coaching or training that particular sport, need to keep their lessons … Read the rest

Prepare For Trekking Adventure

The Everest Base Camp comes to mind as one of the treks that most hikers often aspire to. The thought of seeing Mount Everest in person up close is almost too much to exist. Why is “trekking” different from “hiking”? The word trekking implies a greater distance with more logistics in a place that is far away from your home land. Treks are usually of multi day duration usually 7 to 10 days in length. Because of the distance, the use of pack animals such as lamas or mules might be needed to carry supplies.

In some countries such as Nepal and Africa, the use of porters is acceptable. The trekking business that involves trekking companies with guides and porters and other support staff such as bus drivers and quarter masters becomes an important part of some foreign economies. I was surprised that even in the Alps the tradition of … Read the rest

About Golf Swing Simplified

  • First let us look at the most basic action to be performed, and that is the grip. If the grip is not good then the whole swing will not perform as it should do, and this means straight away you are in trouble. There are many different style of grips but the most favored one is, the right hand positioned under the left hand. Fingers curling around each other and fitting snugly on the grip, but not too tightly, there must be flexibility so the club can operate without losing its way as it descends to strike the ball.
  • Next let us look at bringing the club up to the striking position. As you address the ball on the Tee box, you must have both arms straight as you grip the club, then as you begin to raise the club your arms will begin to bend at the elbow as
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