The Scams of Sports Autograph Collecting

You can find sports autographs from sports stars of today as well as those from long ago. Autographs of baseball, hockey, football, basketball, NASCAR and many other sports can be found, with those items ranging from cards to t-shirts, posters and more. The costs of these items vary based on the autographed item, the sports star and other factors.

There are thousands of people across the United States who consider this a hobby or make it their goal to have the signatures of their favorite players. These people take autograph collecting very serious and often dish out the big bucks for these signed items. They are also at-risk for a fake autograph is they are not careful.

Types of Fake Autographs

A fake autograph isn’t always easy to spot, especially if you aren’t familiar with signatures and the actual autograph you are after. One of the ways that a fake autograph can be made is through forgery. Forgery occurs when a person signs the name of the sports star on the item. There are actually people who do this professional, studying carefully the way the star signs, the pens they use, etc.

An autopen is also used to produce fake autographs. This machine reproduces the signature of a sports figure so that it can be stamped over and over again. These pens are often used on mail signatures and similar items.

Reprints are also a form of fake autographs you will need to watch out for. A reprint is a copy of the actual sports star signature. These are usually the easiest to spot as the entire signature will look different. While a reprint may be great to have, you don’t want to spend tons of money for it as you would for the real thing.

Autographs are Awesome

Autographs of your favorite stars can be awesome to have, especially when they are your favorite sports stars. Now you can buy your autographs, and help this awesome hobby become even more fabulous, by ensuring you don’t fall victim to one of the above, or any of the other new scams, that are out there.

Ensure that you know what you are buying before you buy, shop with a reputable sports autograph dealer and always keep your eyes wide open and your common sense turned on. If it sounds to be good to be true, that’s because it is. Don’t allow this to ruin the joy of collecting autographs.