• First let us look at the most basic action to be performed, and that is the grip. If the grip is not good then the whole swing will not perform as it should do, and this means straight away you are in trouble. There are many different style of grips but the most favored one is, the right hand positioned under the left hand. Fingers curling around each other and fitting snugly on the grip, but not too tightly, there must be flexibility so the club can operate without losing its way as it descends to strike the ball.
  • Next let us look at bringing the club up to the striking position. As you address the ball on the Tee box, you must have both arms straight as you grip the club, then as you begin to raise the club your arms will begin to bend at the elbow as the club is raised above your head. You must keep the club on a wide arc trajectory, the club must return back down on exactly the same arc as you formed on the way up. If you deviate even in the slightest way, then your shot will not be an accurate one and the ball will not go where you wanted it to land.
  • Incidentally the above movement is the same for all your Tee box shots, your fairway shots and your bunker and chipping shots. Straight arms, snugly wrapped fingers, flexible upward movement, but all done with control over the club.

Unfortunately space and time does not allow me to go into further detail on this subject, but it is a synopsis. Now, although there is quite a lot more to learn, you will have to search for the training material that suits you best.