Static stretching is a slow stretch. Usually, you hold the end position from 10 to 30 sec. or so. An example of these stretches we are all familiar with is the partner holds, where you bring a leg up in front, the partner holds the foot while standing in front of you, you hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Or sitting on the ground with your legs spread apart and bend at the waist to try to touch your head to your knee. These are examples of static stretching. This type of stretching is not the best way to stretch a muscle and it limits the amount of force output athletes can produce once they are finished. That’s right, after that, you’re actually weaker and not prepared for an athletic event.

You want to perform Dynamic stretching routines, which enable you to get a good stretch of the muscles while performing a certain athletic movement.

Here’s what you want to do before an event.

  • Light warm-up. This could be a light 400 meter or 800 meter jog or skips. Jumping rope is a good warm up. It’s simple and effective at warming the muscles up. To get the same effect for your upper body, while jogging, swing your arms in circles, cross them in front and other directions. Try to bend at the elbows to stretch the back of your arms. (Triceps) 5 to 10 min. to complete.
  • Dynamic Warm-Up. Now it’s time to perform stretching exercises which sort of mimic the movements you or your team will be doing on the field or court. More aggressive Skips, High Knee Runs, Butt kicks, Carrioca, and other movements whereby you stretch muscles, but at the same time, you are preparing them for what is to come. Should take approximately 8 to 12 min. to complete.
  • Team Drills. Now it’s time to do the drills your team does to mentally prepare for the game. Lay up drills, run offensive and defensive plays, practice spiking drills, etc.