General Purpose Sport Watches

General purpose sport watches are generic sport watches and often have very useful features like a stopwatch mode. General purpose watches are often intended to be used for any number of athletes and have few extra functions. The are typically very durable and impact resistant. Common materials used to construct these types of watches are hard plastics and rubber.

Multi-Use Watches

These types of sport watches are meant for the intense sports enthusiast who requires multiple features. They are all-inclusive watches and in most cases come with very detailed lists of features, which explain why they may be pricier than general purpose sport watches.


Mountain climbing watches are made to support the unique requirements of mountaineers. A mountaineer may have various requirements like weather prediction, an altimeter and so on. Watches in this category generally support features like global positioning systems (GPS), that help one orient oneself when climbing or hiking by letting them know their precise location.

These sports watches can also include alarms which warn the wearer about the next thunderstorm or approaching severe weather.

Diving and Swimming

The key feature of this kind of sport watch for men is that it’s water proof; this gives athletes the opportunity to use it while they engage in water sports. Dive and swim watches can be bought in an extensive array of vibrant colors to remain visible when submerged in water. They may track useful statistics like depth, and laps for the swimmer.

Running Watches

Running watches are necessary for marathon runners to track their time and thus continue to improve their pace. Running watches will track both their speed and distance. Carefully tracking these metrics will enable the serious runner to improve their speed and distance. Most of these watches also come with other functions like:

  • A heartrate tracker
  • A global positioning system