The Different Types of Bows

Traditional archery can have different interpretations for different people. For some, it may just mean sticking to the basics while to others, it may mean going as close as possible to how shooting was done in the historical period. People, who insist on traditional archery, tend to prefer what is called the “self-bow”. A self bow is cut out from a single piece of wood. Traditional bows are also constructed from different materials such as fibreglass and wood that are laminated together. If this will be your first traditional bow, go for something that is affordable, make sure it’s good quality to last for at least a year.

The other popular bow is the “re-curve” bow. It is also popularly referred to as “takedown”. There are three essential parts to this bow. The middle part or the “riser” is made of metal. This is where you grip the bow. The tops and bottoms of the bow are called limbs. The limbs are usually made of wood, fibreglass or carbon.

The third type of bow used in modern-day archery is the compound bow. A compound bow stays strung all the time unlike a traditional or a re-curve bow. The specialty of a compound bow is that it comes with a pulley system on either end of the bow, which is known to increase the “let-off” capability of the bow. This is useful when you have to take more time and to aim at the target

Other Equipment for Archery

Among other equipment, you need to keep handy at least a dozen arrows. You must ensure that your arrows are either longer or at least equal to your draw length. For beginners, it is advisable to have proper arm guards. The guard for the arm protects your skin from being grazed during a shoot. To keep from getting blisters, also get finger tabs or gloves. These equipments are available easily at any sports goods store. You can also get good deals online.

As for dressing for archery is concerned, wear casual, comfortable and lightweight clothes. If you sport long hair, do make sure you keep it tied and away from your face. Ladies are advised to keep away from hanging neckpieces as they can be distracting.

Once you are all set with your archery equipment, you are ready for your first lesson. It may take a while to get your technique in order, but once you’ve got the hang, it’s known to be quite an addictive sport as it gives people a good adrenaline rush.