• The most obvious fitness drill that a soccer player will do is running. This can be anything from a steady 1 mile jog, to a challenging 5 mile uphill run!

Running will work muscles all over your body and is proven to enhance aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.

  • A shuttle run is a more intense form of running and involves quick sprints over short distances. Set up about 4 cones in a line with a gap of around 7 metres between each one.

Start by sprinting to the first cone, touching it, then sprinting back. Then sprint to the second cone. Again, touch it, and sprint back. Repeat this with all 4 cones and that is one set complete.

About 5 sets per training session is regarded as sufficient.

  • Another fitness drill for a soccer player is fartlekking. Fartlekking involves speed changes when running. It is best done over a 45 minute period with sprinting, jogging and walking all incorporated.

Start with a gentle jog for about 5 minutes, speed up to a 1 minute sprint or ¾ pace run. Slow back down to a jog for 5 minutes, then slow to a 1 to 2 minute walk.

This is just an example, fartlekking doesn’t need any particular structure to it. As long as the speed changes are regular, it can be very beneficial to fitness levels!

  • Hill sprints can not only improve your fitness levers, but also enhance your explosive leg power.

The steeper the hill the better, but basically it is just a sprint to the top of the hill and a slow walk back down. It is important to remember that the walk back to the bottom of the hill is your recovery period, so as soon as you get to the bottom, sprint straight back up!

  • The fifth and final fitness drill for a soccer player is a step jump or box jump. Like the hill sprint a box jump will improve your explosive leg power aswell as your fitness.

Find a step or ledge that is about knee height. Stand facing the step with your feet together. By bending your knees, jump with your feet together onto the box, and then back down.

Do not rest between jumps! Your feet should be on the floor for as little amount of time as possible.

Do box jumps for about 30 seconds, then have a 30 second rest and repeat.

By doing these 5 fitness drills a few times per week, you will be able to feel the difference when playing soccer, and in turn, will se a vast improvement in your game!