Machined graphite pipes

This kind of tubes is best for high temperature use, especially in industrial field. They are relatively high purity, but the purity largely depends on raw materials used. The major materials used for the pipes include vibration graphite, isotactic graphite and molded graphite. The raw material size also determines the length and diameter of the pipes. Large materials produce large sized tubes whereas smaller sized raw materials process smaller pipes.

The machined graphite pipes are used widely with some of the common uses being in furnaces because of low heat sensitivity, in aluminum degassing and for dilution pipe in metal manufacturing production. The pipes come with a number of advantages, including uniform structure, high mechanical strength, appropriate electrical conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity. They are also resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack and are hard surfaced, but offer amazing bending strength nonetheless.

Resin graphite pipes

These pipes are made from a mix of graphite powder and resin using graphitization process. The resin used can be phenolic or epoxy resin; different types of resin can be used depending on the desired pipe applications. Unlike machined graphite that comes with length limitations, resin graphite can go up to 8 meters but then the diameter will depend on machine. These pipes are most commonly used in heat exchangers.

Just like their machined graphite pipes, the resin graphite pipes offer excellent thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and high mechanical strength.

The graphite pipes you get for your kind of application will always largely depend on the manufacturer you have settled for. It is therefore best that you choose a manufacturer you can trust for reliable and stable quality. Check the products the manufacturer can handle on your behalf as well as the technologies it embraces to ensure that you get the very best with your graphite products like the pipes. Pipes are very important in whatever application they are used and you therefore want to get the most suitable ones that won’t disappoint. Graphite is a very reliable material, especially for pipes used in heat exchangers and other industrial applications. Choose the most reputable manufacturer to enjoy a superior quality with your pipes and to get solutions you can rely upon for a long period of time.