The increased cardio activity can help to improve the endurance levels. A great benefit of improving endurance is the ability to run father and continue to play an active part of the game until the last-minute. Playing soccer involves many different motions, which is a lot more effective than visiting a gym and using a cross-trainer or similar machine. Soccer involves jumping, sprinting, walking and running. To play a full 90 minutes, a player needs to build up a lot of endurance to continue to perform at an effective pace.


Soccer is highly effective at improving all-round coordination. Whether it is kicking or receiving the ball, a player is certain to improve their hand-eye coordination. Plus, the actions of passing, turning and dribbling are useful types of complex movements that improve body coordination. The ability to continue to move in different directions and at varying rates of speed is also useful.

Mental alertness

A great remedy for anxiety and depression is to get involved with team sports or other forms of aerobic exercise. Sport is appreciated for its ability to help boost self-image and improve self-esteem. A further benefit is the ability to increase concentration and think quicker to react to the fast changing situations that are taking place on the pitch.