You will find out the proper form and release of shooting a basketball and how to shoot a basketball with consistency. Here are the some steps on shooting a basketball.

  1. Start close to the basket as we are going to get you familiar with the form. Remember the concept Beef as this represents Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow Through if you are able to remember this concept it will make shooting easier.
  2. Place your non handiness hand on the side of the ball as this will be your guide hand, next place your handiness hand behind the ball making sure that the ball is on your fingertips. Then make sure that your are aligned or square to the basket.
  3. Make sure your elbow isn’t sticking out. You want to keep your elbow in but not where it feels uncomfortable. Put your elbow in a spot where it feels comfortable and that your arm is straight.
  4. Raise the ball above or in front of your forehead.
  5. Make sure to keep your eyes on the front part of the rim as this is where you will be aiming over.
  6. Bend your knees and let the ball roll off your fingertips as this will create backspin on the ball which will soften the touch of the ball if it were to hit the rim.
  7. Follow through. After releasing the ball your index finger should be pointing where your target was as you should see the ball go through the hoop.