There are many ways to improve your jump. First, you can do some physical evaluation of your body. You know that jumping requires strength in the feet and legs. There should be proper training for these body parts to help you jump higher. Of course, the more muscle you have, the more power you can give. This translates to higher and better jumping. If you can do exercises and stretching daily, then it would help. When you exercise, you are actually building more muscles. It is also best if you can do weight training activities. This will enhance the leg and thigh muscles. Therefore, you can easily do jumps with lest required power. You can simply enroll in a gym class for the proper leg exercises.

The next thing that you should consider is proper nutrition. The important thing about muscle building is to take more proteins. As you do this, you can create more muscle fibers. This will enhance you capacity to jump with more power. You may get protein from meat foods and dairy products. Other than muscle building, you should also make your bones stronger. This is possible by taking enough calcium from your diet. Milk and other foods contain lots of calcium. You can take them every day for your bone growth. Of course, there is also an option for you to take supplements. There are many prepared oral capsules that you can buy. In this case, you will get the best amount of nutrients every day.

One last thing to consider is to evaluate your overall risks. We all want to play outside and do physical activities. However, one should also know his limitations. This is a case when you have high risks for injuries. If you have undergone some knee and leg surgeries, you should consider them. This means you are more prone to other injuries if you jump during a game. Also, it is not advisable for you to jump too high if you have hypertension. This is not very good for your heart as you expose yourself to extreme conditions. In that case, you may need to find other sports activities that do not require jumping. You should also consult a doctor whenever you want to engage in a sporting activity. This will prevent any dangers to your health.