1. First lesson. Calculate the distance as accurately as you can from where your ball is to the front of the green. That done, you must decide what loft you want on the trajectory to land the ball where you want it. This means choosing the correct fairway iron to give you the loft and the distance required. For the distance mentioned above most golfers may use a sand wedge, or a seven iron.
  2. Lesson two. When you are at your ball and start to take a few practice swings, do not swing the club over your ball, instead imagine a ball just a few inches to the right of it and make your swings at that position checking that your grip is sufficient, and it will not move or twist.
  3. Lesson three. When you are ready to take your shot, make sure you address the ball with the center of your club directly behind the middle of the ball, then drop the club very slightly so now the centre of your club is just under the middle of the ball. Keep your upward swing very tight, then come back down with your swing on the same track to impact on the ball. This will give power and loft to your shot.
  4. Lesson Four. Sand bunkers. It is very important to know that when you are settling yourself into a sand bunker, your feet are firmly set in the ground. When you are taking a practice swing your club must never touch the sand. In other words you cannot place your sand wedge on the sand behind the ball. If you do this you will lose a shot, so you must turn your wedge with the face pointing off to your right then come down firmly cutting under the ball about two inches. This will take your ball upwards and out of the bunker.