• Keep it fun – serious training at every practice can be overwhelming and discouraging for kids. Vary your strategy between pushing for the new skill level and goofing around at practice. Lots of high fives and positive reinforcement keep kids feeling good!
  • Mix it up – kids get bored of the same drills and repeated order of activities. Try the skills out of order, play a game, or add a skills competition. New and different workouts will keep kids engaged!
  • Set goals – break goals into achievable benchmarks, so kids feel success along the way. Give kids the chance to share the achievement by ringing a unique bell, adding a sticker to a chart, or having a victory song played when the goal is met!
  • Build skills – focus on skill building rather than wins and losses. At the end of the day, the kids are developing character. Determination, hard work, and courage will transfer to their everyday lives.
  • Celebrate – regardless of the record for the season, have a celebration for the families. A pizza party, a picnic, or a team dinner will go a long way in building comradery and teaching good sportsmanship. These are the days the kids will remember!

No matter what sport you are coaching, kids are the same. They need care and sensitivity, as well as encouragement and a little push to keep them interested.