That being said, there are quite a few ways to approach the process of running a charity golf tournament. To help guide you on your way, here are some simple tips you can use to ensure that your charity golf tournament is a massive success:

First, make sure to have someone who’s well spoken and knowledgeable about the organization explain the charity’s goal to those playing as guests. Make certain that they describe the real reason why so many people are there that day (hint: it’s not merely to play golf). Making this personal relationship with the guests will provide the organization a better chance in obtaining more fundraising dollars during the day, and more importantly, more enduring and sustainable assistance for your cause. Additionally, it is much easier to obtain funding when the event’s attendees know where their money is going.

Second, try to use tee box signage to show off brief, significant facts about your charity or organization. This keeps guests reflecting on your cause the whole day. Some ideas you might try include stating how long your organization has been in existence, the many ways your charity has assisted others, or even how your guests’ attendance fees will be used to support the cause.

Lastly, sponsors are definitely the secret to any successful charity golf tournament. For this reason it’s imperative that you work towards establishing relationships that support a mutual benefit for both you and your sponsor. Something as fundamental as publicly thanking your sponsors with well placed links on your own website or social networks are usually majorly helpful for sponsors (and can assist in keeping them returning time and time again). The idea here is to work towards creating value for your sponsors. This should not be a one way relationship where only you stand to benefit. Help others, and they will help you back!

These three strategies can be a surefire solution to give your charity golf tournament that extra boost it needs.