This drill will require you to practice in an open space of about 15 by 15 yards. Space can be modified according to ability level. Players are placed in groups. Each group consists of four players with two balls in each group. Three of the players in the group are offensive players and one is the defender. It is easier if defenders are provided with a different colored jersey of some sort. The objective for the offensive players is to dribble and control the balls with one player opened until threatened by the defender. The role of the defender is not to intercept the ball from the other players but to touch one of them before they are able to pass the ball to one of the other offensive players. It is very similar the game of keep away. If the player who needs to pass the ball is touched by the defender before the pass is made, they then switch places. If the offense is able to control the balls for a 20 period they are rewarded a point. After 5 points are awarded to the offensive players, the drill is over. ( One ball instead of 2 can be used in the beginning of the drills if needed.)

This drill helps the athletes to develop a sense of controlling the ball and being smart about their passing decisions as quickly as possible. It improves their teamwork capabilities, and provides an opportunity to come up with a sense of strategy working as a unit. This drill duplicates a sequence of movements similar to the movements and skills needed in an actual soccer game. Keeping the ball away from a defender and teamwork are key aspects that this drill emphasizes.

As with any soccer drill and working with youth, correct implementation and coaching techniques that encourage fun and teamwork are drills that provide successful attitudes and happy players. This drill provides a non-stressful type of contact activity that can be modified to promote the ultimate result.