Apart from the unique rules and ball shape, another very important feature of this game is its uniforms. Like other sporting events, it is mandatory for the players to wear the uniform of the game. Nowadays, the comprehensive range of outfits is available in the market. Let us discuss the whole matter associated with this.

In the past, the players used to wear the outfits made out of cotton fabric. This fabric was considered as the best suited for this game as it involved tremendous physical agility. The players have to run, jump, kick, etc during the game. It is better for them to wear the comfy outfits in order to offer their best performance.

Things have changed in the current scenario. Nowadays, the rugby uniform manufacturers are developing their collection using premium grade polyester fabric. This fabric is considered as comfy as that of cotton. Moreover, it also helps in providing full flexibility to the players during the game. The outfits manufactured using this fabric provides complete comfort to the players so that they can easily offer their best performance.

The rugby jerseys are the most important part of the uniforms. In the past, the designers used to wear plain outfits during the game. But for now, the things have changed a lot. Nowadays, the customized collections are widely demanded by the players as well as the teams. What are customized collections? These collections are created on demand. These collections are powered with special designs which are created as per the requirements of the teams and the clubs. Why are the teams interested in customized designs? The managers of the clubs want that their clubs and players should look elegant, for this purpose, they need unique shades for their players. The unique outfits help in the branding of the club. What is so special about this collection? This collection contains add-on features like the team name, logo, player name, number, etc. These features help in providing distinct characteristic to the clubs.

How effective is sublimation printing technology? Nowadays, the manufacturers are utilizing sublimation printing technology for the printing purposes. In this, the motifs get embedded on the transferable paper first. After that, these get imprinted on the fabric using pressure and heating technique.