• Are you able to fasten the jacket without feeling squeezed by it? It should not hinder mobility under any circumstance. Keep in mind that you will be wearing multiple layers of clothes under it depending upon the weather. A lot of this will depend on the cut of the jacket. While it is best to have a perfectly fitted coat, you certainly cannot have one that is too tight for you.
  • Are you able to rotate your arms easily? You should be able to move them effortlessly without experiencing any pull between the shoulder blades. You should also look out for pinching in the area of your armpits.
  • Are the sleeves the right length for your arms? If they are short then they will not give you sufficient protection but if they are too long then they will get in the way of your work.
  • Are the zippers sturdy and well sewn on? You’ll be using them a lot and so quality is very important. Remember that you will not be able to use the jacket in case the zipper stops working for good.
  • Do you look good in it? This is a very important question indeed because it is important to appear attractive. Make sure that you select a jacket that has the cut, length and color that complements your appearance.

You do need to check the quality of the parajumpers jackets you plan to buy because there might be fake products that look as good as the original ones on the surface. Authentic goose down jackets will be as smooth on the inside as they are on the outside and are worth all the money you spend on them.