How important are dribbling skills? Regular drills are critical if kids are to become experts at dribbling. This allows them to learn how to maneuver the ball correctly. Once you are able to dribble while ensuring that contact with the ball is maintained, you could easily leave your opponents behind on the playing field.

Basic tricks such as playing with the ball should be learned by heart if a player is to become an outstanding dribbler. Kids are also taught to use the face of their feet during soccer drills. While dribbling fast, using the front part of the foot allows kids to remain in step.

However, it is still important to ensure that kids learn how to use both the inside and outside of their feet as this is a critical part of becoming a great dribbler. It allows you to keep the ball in control regardless of the direction from which your opponent is approaching. Kids should also be encouraged to use both sides of their feet so they work like hockey sticks.

During soccer drills, ensure that kids learn how to keep contact with the ball with each step. This involves keeping the ball in front of you throughout while dribbling. This allows you to control the ball, which in turn enhances your dribbling speed as you move the ball along.

This skill also enables you to evade your opponents when they attempt to get closer and take the ball from you. It is therefore important to keep reminding your players to keep contact with the ball at all times.

During youth soccer drills, players should also be taught how to vary their speed. However, this does not mean that you have to be extremely fast in order to beat your opponents while dribbling. On the contrary, all you have to do is distract the defender for a moment as this gives you the opportunity to break past at great speed.

It is also important to constantly remind players to keep their eyes on the ball. They must learn how to keep their focus on the ball as well as the playing field while they dribble.

Every player has a weak foot and it is important to ensure that all the kids put in effort to improve their weak feet. This can be done though drills that involve hitting the ball against the wall using the weak foot, which encourages slow but steady improvement. Kids should also be encouraged to practice during their free time. One of the activities that players could try is to use their weaker feet to move the ball back and forth while seated. This enables them to improve their control of the ball.