Get together with some friends or a friend of a friend. Obviously, since this is a team sport you will be needing more than just yourself. Get together around five to fifteen fellow paintballers, someone who you know and can work well together.

Once you have your chosen few, your chosen “happy few” or in this case several to a dozen get together and talk. Communication is a huge part of this sport whether on the field or off so make sure you have an open line of communication to discuss ideas and to organize yourselves to make a plan. Make sure that you are all on the same playing page and share some common goals and expectation.

Things that you would need to do at this stage is:

  • Play paintball together! you want to have fun. That is after all the reason you want to make a paintball team, right?
  • Discuss and decide on your captain. The captain of your new budding team should be someone who is well organised and has the qualities of a good leader. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the best player. Just someone who everyone can trust to lead and oraganize your road to glory. Here is also when you can pick cool name for yourselves. I’m thinking… The Painting Ostriches. Oh yeah, that’s inspired!
  • Find your home court/ field. This should be near your local area where you and your newly develop teammates reside. Talk with the owner and ask him if he would like his field to become your team’s home field where you can use for practice, etc. In exchange you can offer to help with various things on his field, cleaning up, helping with refereeing when needed and the like.
  • Next you want to be able to find sponsorship. To get sponsorship you will need to communicate what you would like from your potential sponsors and also what you can do for them. For example, somethings that you may want from your sponsor is: equipment/ supplies, (Markers, paint balls etc) discounts or even funds. What you can do for them is: Advertise/branding, patronage etc. Remember to be realistic and don’t expect too much – at least for now.
  • Once you have your sponsor, home field, captain and your very own cool team name, set a schedule every week where your team can practice and play as much as possible. Work on strategies and tactics, practice working together as a team and overall improve your skills. It would be great if you can film this practice matches so that you can discuss afterwards what you need to improve on and what strategies to develop.
  • Here is when you can start entering to tournaments! Remember to represent you sponsors well by conducting yourselves in a professional manner and being a good sample of sportsmanship which will reflect well to your sponsors – which makes them happy.