Soccer’s worldwide acceptance and admiration is undeniable. International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) evaluated the number of adults and children who plays soccer around the globe to be almost a quarter of a billion. Sports reduce stress and boost self-esteem; thus, children should play even those suffering from any disease such as Attention Deficit Disorder as sport tend to provide a calming effect along with the ADD medicine given.

Although soccer is comparatively safer than any other sport, it’s a fast-paced game that usually results in injuries. Multiple types of damages caused by soccer include lower body strains and sprains, fractures, dislocations, bruises and cuts. Therefore, it is equally important to know how to prevent these wounds. Some of the tips mentioned below.

Start with a Good Warm-up

It’s never a good idea to rush on to the field and start playing. Several types of research proved that cold and … Read the rest