Playing badminton not only brings liveliness, but it also takes you to a different world. If you see the reviews of the top sports, this sport is also famous.

This is a sport that is played with a racquet and cock. Badminton is performed either by two opposition players in singles.

And, if anyone wants, then they can play each side comprising four in doubles. If you don’t know about this game, you need to know how to play badminton step by step.

 Now, we want to say before learning badminton, and you need to know about the rules. And after you can quickly learn this game.

 So, there was a massive rule for determining the badminton racket play. However, this is an aerobic game.

If you are trying to play without knowing any badminton rules, you get a foul and lose the match.

And, after all, you can’t get any fun in this game. So, before trying to play, you should know all of the rules.

Here we include how to play badminton step by step and quickly learn to play it.

1.Getting Ready And Volleying

Like another sport, this sport also starts with the toss. For your first sports, you can buy the best racket for you, which gives you comfort. We suggest Yonex rackets which are the best for beginners.

 First, the referee tosses the coin, and one opposition player says head or tail. And which players win the toss they decide to serve or to receive first.

And, also they decide who picks up the side of the court. In this badminton court, there is a badminton string for the rules.

So, when serving is done corner to corner, then start the strike from the first one. However, start it, and the player takes the racquet and passes the cock over the net.

And this process ends when the cock touches the floor. This cock which side touches the ground the player gets a negative point.

So, if this team gets a negative point for the floor to cock, this team loses the match.


The individual receives the cock staying his/her court and also serves for the opposition with hitting back.

However, if he/she catches this cock with his/her racquet and hits again for opposite players, he/she strikes it. And if it is falling down the outer side of the boundary of the court.

Then opponent players get the point, and the session is ended. And, for this reason, the player can change the side at the end of this game.

3.Rules For Single Service

 The individual server serves the cock of the right and left side from the court. And, once this server misses the shot, then the opposite player gets the opportunity.

 If individuals fall the score at any point, then the player strikes the cock to the opponent’s right side.

If the individual gets the scores, the player strikes to the opponent’s left side from the courtside.

4.Rules For Double Service

In this way, the two teams get two chances to serve. Like here, the cock can operate to the individual. And, the same team serves the cock alternatively.

If one team loses two services, the opposite side gets the opportunity to serve where they kick-off.

In doubles, if the team falls the score at any point. And, if the players score is one and if the number is even, they strike the cock.

And they do it from the right side of the opponent of the service court. If the team point number is odd, they stick to the left side of the opposition team from the court.


If any player is not able to strike the cock and falls, they get a negative point. That means the scores are negative. And, if they get a more negative aspect, then they lose the match.

The Final Word:

Additionally, you need to remember to hit the very center of the rubber fixing of your cock. This way makes your shot better at badminton.

You need excellent stamina to rush the cock greatly. However, here we are trying to give you a complete guideline on how to play badminton step by step.

At last, we want to provide tips for you that the rest is just doing practice and practice. It can make you perfect.