If you have friends you can convince to run in these races with you, it is that much more fun! Sharing in the experience will give you months of laughter and conversation! For my first mud run I could not convince anyone to join me in the run… but I could persuade them to come along, with the promise of live music, ice-cold beer, and giant turkey legs that you eat with your hands like the “Warriors” use to do… not sure that this fact has been proven… but hey, it’s fun to pretend!

For all of the mud runs that followed, all I have had to do was show the pictures and describe the race and I had groups of friends wanting to join me!


I usually opt for a sports bra and leggings or shorts when I do mud runs… leggings if I am trying to save my legs from getting chewed up by gravel as I crawl through various obstacles. But honestly… the cuts, scrapes, and bruises are wounds that I cherish as my badges of honor!

If you are going to wear a t-shirt/tank-top, make sure that it is tight, lose ones will just get in the way once they are wet and covered in mud.


Plan ahead and bring a towel, extra set of clothes and flip flops… When you have finished your mud run, there is ALWAYS as place for participants to clean off… or at least attempt to get the mud out of places it should not be. Having a change of clothes will allow you to change and be comfortable as you enjoy the after party with your friends.