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About Hiking Inns

You will still have to have a certain level of fitness and will have to be able to carry some weight, because you will have to hike in to many of these inns. The difference is that you will not have to carry the extra weight of a tent. Some of the inns also provide meals which means you will save on carrying the weight of food. For special dietary needs, you will have to contact the inn to determine if they can accommodate your needs. You may not be allowed to take alcohol, so find out what the rules are regarding that.

For many inns it is necessary to make reservations ahead of time. Not all inns take pets; so if you want to take your dog, ask about their pet policy. Also ask if they provide linens and towels. You may find that some inns provide hot showers … Read the rest

Smarter Winter Hiking

  • Bring a walking stick. You’ll most likely encounter patches of snow that are thick and a stick can come in handy assisting you through the rough spots, providing leverage for you to move through the snow. Poking areas of snow with your walking stick can also indicate how deep the snowdrift is or if there are any unexpected dips in the terrain. This can help prevent twisted ankles.
  • Waterproof boots are a must. Anyone who has spent time in snow is well aware that snow is wet. And plowing through snow all day will leave your shoes soaked through unless they’re waterproof. Feet safety is at the forefront of your hiking adventure: sore, cold, aching feet are a sure way to end a hiking experience in misery. Ensure your shoes are tall enough to keep snow from falling in from the top as well, hence why boots are recommended. And
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