This aspect, usually designed of metal, is holding your parts together. The structure is the base of your winch and needs to be constant and solid. Anchoring the winch to the floor keeps the winch in place while you are driving. You can buy pre-made ones and put them together or build your own. This is very much based on your abilities. The less weight you end up with the better. But keep in mind, that the material has to be constant enough to hold up against the occurring forces.


Two kinds of motors can be used. Electric Engines or petrol operated ones. This is the center of your device. Several calculations are necessary to get an idea of how powerful the engine has to be. Around 6.5 HP are the minimum to do deep water starts with a wakeboard.


This part of the engine, translates the energy of the engine in a turning movement. Most contemporary gearboxes are used to be integrated as part of the motor.


The same mechanical device as you have in your car. Two different kinds are very common: Centrifugal Clutch or Torque Converters. The way you go is very much based on the way you are going to use the wakeboard winch. The less expensive is the centrifugal clutch but you can’t use it for all applications.


As you are using power make sure that you invest your cash on excellent manufacturers. Although you have to spend more money it is more certain that the battery is doing what it is expected to do.


Usually installed on the axle. Based upon on how many tooth you select, your wakeboard winch will have different functions. More tooth give you more speed but less tooth enhance the torque. Based upon on where and how you are going to use your winch, you have to think about your options. Very widely used is a 50 – 72 tooth sprocket for wakeboard winches.


The sequence joins the sprocket to the reel and converts the movement of the clutch to the reel.

Winch Axle

You can use a regular axle as it is used for Go Karts. The length of it has to be about the same as the size of your wakeboard winch.