• Let go of your fear – Getting hit by this is much more feared than it actually is. Initially, when the paint hits, you may sting a bit and you can also get a slight mark on your body. But don’t worry after an hour or two this mark will disappear and you will be dying to get back to the game. This is the reason why it is advisable that you should not spend the entire sport hidden behind the tree as some people do. Remember that it is just paint and not a bullet. In case you are still afraid you can wear gloves and some extra layers under your overalls and you won’t feel anything.
  • Don’t shoot without being sure – The guns, in this case, are pretty loud and so you should not use it until you are very sure. Otherwise, you may end up giving away your position. This is the reason why you will find many paints coming in your direction once you shoot. That is why you should ensure that you shoot only under three conditions:-
  1. When you are going to put to test your trigger to see if it is working properly
  2. You know the opponent is behind cover and you want him or her to stay there so that your teammates can move to safety
  3. You can see an opposition player and think that you will be able to tag him or her easily

Thus, it is always advised that you should not use the gun until it is necessary and you are 100% sure about it.

  • Keep your Mask on All the Time in the Playing Zone – This is one of the fundamental imperatives for any paintball games. You should always keep the masks on so that your face remains protected and your first experience is an enjoyable one.
  • • Spot your opponent as fast as you can -It is always advantageous to spot your contender in any match. This one is not an exception. Many players have the tendency to keep their faces down while playing. But this is very dangerous as they may surround you and defeat you without you knowing it. So scan the field properly and try to spot your challenger as soon as possible.