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Subjectivity of Soccer Timekeeping

Don’t get me wrong, soccer need not change one iota and it will still remain the most popular sport in the world. I’m just saying that when people ask why it isn’t more popular here, there are some minor cultural differences that need to be overcome.

I have often wondered about the timekeeping of a soccer match. In North America, sports that have a time element, such as football, hockey, and basketball display for all to see a large and precise clock that in many cases is broken down to tenths of a second. This scoreboard clock may not be the official time, as that is usually kept by an official timekeeper who is a member of the officiating crew, but it always reflects the official time remaining even if it has to be adjusted. There can be very little doubt about how much time is left and, with very … Read the rest

Be A Soccer Trainer

If you plan to teach beginners or athletes with various skill levels, you can find a number of opportunities in schools and your neighborhood. For instance, you may consider organizing a sports camp or training for amateur soccer players in the local community. This is one way of gaining experience as a trainer, and you can even obtain support from the parents of these young athletes. Your outstanding skills and knowledge of the game can help others who wish to excel in soccer. With your professional advice and support, aspiring soccer players can hone their competence and become top-rated athletes in the future.

You can see the determination and inspiration of different teams in winning every soccer match. When you try to analyze how the winning team has performed during the game, you can take note of their organized strategies. While the success of the team depends on how the

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Lower Body Strength Building for Soccer Players

  • Seated Machine Squeezes -Groin Strength.┬áThis exercise occurs when you’re seated on a machine and the machine resists you as your squeeze your legs together and work your “inner thighs.” Unfortunately, you’re not working in a functional way, and your body views this as entirely unnatural.

Your inner thigh /groin muscles help you bring your legs toward mid-line in walking, running and other activities. They also function to raise your hip and knee, and help with movements such as: walking, hiking, climbing, standing from a seated position, running, moving side to side, and other movements that require stability in standing.

The movements of running, sprinting, moving side to side occur in soccer.

Notice one thing, in common, amongst these activities. They are all standing, and they all require the use of more muscles at once. If you don’t train the lower body in the way it works, it responds by … Read the rest

Coach Youth Soccer

Philosophically, youth soccer programs, especially for younger ages should have the focus of the game that is fun rather then a game that is to be won. There will be plenty of time for competition in years to follow. When you coach youth soccer and your new to the game, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • You should try to balance playing time among players. Game time is playtime for young soccer players.
  • Your job as coach should be one of observing and smiling with minor course corrections made at halftime. Most of your time should be spent encouraging.
  • Be a positive role model to your team. After all, they really did come out and join your team to have fun.
  • Use practice for teaching and leave the games to the players.

Sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? It probably doesn’t remind you of coaching that you … Read the rest

Get Kids Off the Couch

Lead by example. It will be hard to get your kids off the couch if you aren’t doing it yourself. If your family doesn’t exercise regularly, start going on walks together after dinner or consider taking a fitness class with your children to get them involved. When your children see that you enjoy regular exercise and observe how it benefits your life, they’ll be more likely to join in instead of resisting.
Keep screen time to a minimum. Although most kids today watch television, surf the Internet, and play video games, it’s important that screen time is limited to several hours a day and eliminated before bedtime to ensure a good night of rest. Although kids may fight this change at first, limited screen time means that kids have the opportunity to play outdoors or engage in other creative activities.
Include friends. To add a social element to exercise that … Read the rest

Analyzing Soccer Games

Videotaping the games

One of the best ways to study and analyze a game is to tape it. The advantage you have is you can watch it as many times you need to, and study the minute movements of the players on the field. You can pause the game, fast forward it to the interesting part, and rewind it again to repeat a particular section of the game. The facilities help to understand the game plan, and how players implement it during the game. A study done for a full season involving the Everton FC soccer club of England revealed many facts, which were not disclosed to the general masses. For example, a particular player was shortlisted, and his every move studied in details. The results indicated that the player ran for 8,800 meters on an average per game. Moreover, the actual running involved walking, jogging, cruising, sprinting, and backing. … Read the rest

Quick Drying Wet Soccer Boots

  • Let the laces loose. Loosening laces opens up your cleats getting more air in them, hence hastening the drying process. When you let the cleats dry with the laces on, you also expose the seams to tension because they contract as they dry. Loosening the laces is therefore also helpful in eliminating this kind of stress.
  • Remove the shoe insole. Most cleats come with removable insoles. Such insoles are convenient because they give players the chance to change into more comfortable and supportive ones as the situation demands. They also come in handy when looking for a quick way of drying the cleats. Removing the insole does not only help the shoe interiors to dry faster, but the insole will also dry faster by itself. You can wrap it up with paper towels or hang it upright using clothe pins or pegs to hasten the process.
  • Wipe off grass, dirt
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Great Team Practice

Plan in advance

It doesn’t need to be a professionally designed coaching plan with photos and diagrams. Something very simple with a few notes will suffice but make sure you layout what you will be working on so that you can follow it and don’t need to worry about coming up with drills during practice. Take the stress out of practice and plan in advance, it will only take you 15 minutes or so the night before.

Check your equipment

There is nothing worse than turning up to practice and realising you don’t have enough soccer balls or cones (if possible, have at least one ball per player). Check your equipment the night before practice and make sure you have everything. Make sure you inflate any balls that are soft (this will save you wasting time doing it just before practice) but don’t make the mistake of inflating the balls … Read the rest

How to Kick a Soccer Ball


As I promised above, I will try to explain this bit in as simple a manner as possible, so that you understand the practical application easily. The most important thing you have to remember is that kicking a soccer ball far works on one simple principle, and that is to kick the ball on a spot that will give it the maximum flight. Now it is common sense that if you want something to go up, the force has to come from down. So the area on the ball where you should try to make contact with your foot should be the bottom most part of the ball. To achieve this, you have to get your kicking foot as under the ball as possible. To do this, make sure that when you kick the ball, you tilt your kicking foot slightly so that more of it gets underneath the … Read the rest

Coach Soccer

Ensure that your plans are flexible. Every now and then, your plans may not go as intended. For instance, you may have to deal with unexpected rain or illness, or the kids may fail to show up. It is important to be prepared to deal with every potential blocker by ensuring that you have alternative arrangements.

It is advisable to have lots of soccer practice games at hand. This is because some of them will not lead to the intended goals and will have to be done away with. Flowing with the training will allow you to identify what works best for the kids and what doesn’t.

Every session should begin with warm up exercises. Ensure that you include the soccer ball in some of the warm up drills to complement the regular drills. You could also launch some new and exciting exercises, including Fetch. In this game, the coach … Read the rest