Firstly there is the general safety aspect as if anything happens to you whilst you are sledging if you have a family member or friend with you then they can give assistance or at least be able to tell others who you are etc in the event of a problem.

Also there is the companionship aspect as it is far more fun if you are sledging with someone than just on your own, in addition to this it is very easy to forget something such as a pair of gloves when you are going sledging and if there is a group of you then you can share such things.

Sledging really is a great social activity and if there is a group of you, then you can do things like organise races downhill and arrange a “Championship” with possibly a little prize for the winners later on in the day.

You should however always remember to sledge on a sledge rather than just making do with something that is to hand, as this is most often when accidents do occur. The best place to get a good sledge these days is to purchase one online whereby you will find the best stockists have a wide range of models to suit every type of sledging experience that you may want to have, as these days you are no longer limited to older style traditional wooden sledges.

Indeed when you start looking at sledges online your biggest problem maybe actually deciding which of the many models to choose from, as you can purchase a wide range of sledges from simple disc skimmers to sophisticated sit on models that have skis that you can steer. Indeed the latest models that are designed for high-speed carving turns are actually even inflatable ones. These are great as they are extremely lightweight, very fast to use, and easy to steer, but being light weight they are very easy to carry back up the hill or back to your car and can also deflate quickly for easy storage. Being inflatable they also offer a nice safe cushioned ride.