• Pirate Treasure – This game is also a drill that teaches children skills at both dribbling the ball and accuracy at shooting. Half the team is the pirates guarding the treasure and the other half of the team are trying to get to the treasure. This treasure is cones that are placed at one end of the pitch. One player battles two defenders and attempts to dribble past them. When the knock down the cones, they get a point for their “treasure”.
  • Defending the Dribble – Using cones, set up a perimeter in the middle of the pitch by placing four cones equidistant from each other. The team should be divided into two groups with each wearing different colors. One color plays offense and the other plays defense. One player from defense is in the middle of the perimeter to attempt to steal the ball from the offensive player who has to make it past the defender. If he does, the ball goes to the player on the opposite side and so on. If the defender gets the ball, the sides are switched and the offensive player becomes the defender.
  • Keep Away – Probably one of the most common and easiest of all the soccer drills for young players. Keep away builds up defending and dribbling skills. Start with a circle that is marked off by using cones. The circle should be at least the diameter of half the pitch. Two players will act as defenders and the rest of the team are trying to keep the ball away from them. If a defender gets the ball, the player who lost it becomes a defender.

Getting the kids to have fun and exercise is not hard to do when there are so many fun drills that keeps them on their toes and interested in the game. If none of the above appeals to your team, use the examples to help to create your own game for them instead. Just remember to keep it fun and the kids can follow the lead easily.