One way of dealing with this problem is avoiding the activity that causes it. However, this is not always possible since people’s livelihoods are connected with it. A doctor might suggest treatment by a physiotherapist or even the use of a special brace to hold the arm in place. In extreme cases a doctor might even prescribe injections of cortisone to help control the inflammation. The problem is that these methods cost a lot of money. If they don’t work you might even have to go in for surgery.

You’ll be able to get your arm in good condition without having to spend a lot of money if you do the right tennis elbow exercises instead. These exercises are surprisingly easy to do and you will be able to get your elbow in good condition within a reasonably short time.

  • Wrist extensions: Get a firm grip on a weight whilst supporting your forearm on a table or bench. Hold the weight with your palm facing downwards. Move your wrists upwards and downwards. This exercise will strengthen the wrist as well as the muscles of the forearm.
  • Forearm extensions 2: Once more hold a weight in your hand whilst supporting your forearm on a table. Hold the weight with the palm facing downwards. Curl your wrist and bring the weight towards you.
  • Elbow stretching exercises: Try and extend the elbow as much as possible without stretching the arm unduly. Gradually increase the degree by which the arm can be stretched.

Be very careful when doing these tennis elbow exercises or else you might inadvertently hurt your arm more. Do not use very heavy weights when doing these exercises and make sure that you stop exercising as soon as you feel any sort of discomfort. Regular exercise will increase the flexibility and strength of your elbow and ensure that no additional problems ensue.